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auto top off


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I have a JBJ auto top off and it works fine, but it has a built in feature that it will turn off after 15mins of running. That doesn't give my top off system enough time to refill my sump, so does anyone have an auto top off w float switch that doesn't have a timer safety feature? I would like to trade or purchase



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Not sure the distance you have or the "lift" but You can buy the top off float and run that to a cheap pump to the job, I just bought a float from BRS for 9.00 and use the "Toms aqua lift" or something like that( I forget the actual name, but Tom's init-LOL) thats good for a 3 foot lift. Th pump ran 20.00 so the whole package 30.00 and I'm good.


I must be missing somthing-



LMK, I can shot you a pic of what I got/did


PM's best


good luck

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Or autotopoff.com

I use the sump version with 2 switches and works great. I also have a couple of one switch (one is the skimmer collection bucket, the other one in the solana) and they works great. I got the first 1 switch 2 years ago and it is still working

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well i just ordered the auto top off from the link from alex' date=' so once i get that dialed in ill be selling the jbj one. Thanks for the props brad, i hope im not too much of a noob :D[/quote']


Oh mighty one.....(kneel)


it is I who is the noob in your shadow-You've been at this MUCH longer than I, and you will probablly forget more in a single day than I will ever learn in a year-;)

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