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Hi every one.....


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Hi every one!!, i usually have fresh water tank for more than 20 years and i swich my aquarium in saltwater thank, first of all i know is very diferent than freshwater, then i have to do some stuff every week.


But my questions are, can somebody help me how do i know when the bacteriological cicle is done?, how i know that? (i all ready set up the aquarium a week ago), second, if i can add a fish right now, what is the perfect one to beggin and how do i post to introduce into the aquarium?

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Hi and welcome,

There is many factors in cycling your tank

Rock, live cured dry from an established tank?


I used everything live from long cycled tanks which can shorten cycle time some. You could use a piece of shrimp to start the bacteria growing.

Many folks will give you other ideas than using fish to start your your cycle. It is really old school way. But some do still do it.





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Welcome to the site.


Test your water and the normal cycle is the same as fresh as Hozer noted, I think (sorry its been to long) its Nitrite, ammonia then nitrate??? anyway yes its usually a month to 6 weeks.


I also did fresh than brackish then salt-its all the same as far as the cycle and introduction of livestock.


Add a fish and wait until the bacteria can adjust and then its safe to add another.

I’d wait at least a few weeks between new additions (minimum ).

One important thing is a good test kit(s) Salifert and elos are the top of the line and produce accurate results.

make sure you have a refractometer vs the hydrometer and ask a lot of questions.


Good luck and enjoy


Patience is KEY

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