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Rena filter


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I never use carbon. when carbon gets full it just dumps everything back into the tank. I use chemi pure elite, or poly pads. they last longer too. though I also have an aqua clear on the tank, but that's just there for the surface drain. i also have a skimmer on the tank. but you really can never have enough filtration. If I can't get it working I do have an extra cascade filter. My cascade on my tank broke and I bought a new one because I needed one right away. but cascade did send me a new one because my old one was under warrenty. so if all else fails I can use that one i suppose. though it may be over kill on a thirty five gallon. its made for a 150 gallon


but thanks for the help. so far it isn't pushing out anymore air. I did get a new seal, so we'll see

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