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Anyone know a name for these


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I sent a pic to jody as I thought they were like ones he had, but he said they are different-I need to check Coralpedia



I like Grassi's name he gave but that may not be marketable


What about lunar solar implosion hornets-that sounds like a 100.00 per polyp name-(laugh)


Actually I think I'll call them Reefnjunkies Lunar implosions-unless that name is taken-


OK just checked Coralpedia-nothig with that name so I will see what is involved with naming them-They are better in person even

WOO HOO-Thanks Lowman!!!

And I know the source where he got them, they most likely were wild-

Another WOO HOO

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Oh sure rain on my parade-I'll just pretend we naver had this conversation and proceed onward to Coralpedia and register the "Reefnjunkies Lunar Implosions".-(naughty)


Thats odd, I dont recall selling them to you-(scratch)


Are these the ones you were selling 2 for 45.00??????


Great deal if so, mine are 50.00 a polyp-(nutty)


I'm sure there is a medication for my condition, but what fun is that-(whistle)

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