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Suction pump?


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But that only works in conjunction with this type of overflow box. If you have just a standard overflow I don't believe the pump is going to help you. I've had overflow boxes and yes they are a pain but as long as you keep them clean then you shouldn't have any issues with them. Get a bottle brush and clean the u-tube and overflow once a month as part of your standard maintenance and yes you'll have to suck on a piece of airline tubing to get a siphon restarted.


Drilling your tank is preferable though.



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I personally will never use one if the pumps. IMO they just add a spot at the top of the u-tube that a leak could occur. Set up properly the u-tube will never lose it's syphon unless one end or the other is out of the water. (Which shouldn't ever occur unless you actually pull the tube out)

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