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Coral warfare


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Seperating them is the problem. One is encrusting and it grows over every thing. Bright purple and encrusting. Cant remember the name.


I was thinking of just taking the big colonies off and bleaching the rock that the purple stuff is growing on. The efflo can be kept back by just breaking off pieces.


I thought about laying down a barrier of super glue, but that is only temporary. (scratch)

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I feel your pain-and short of placing something on the rock for them to encrust on and then removing that "something" there is not really anything you can do but watch and see who wins.


Sadly in my experiance the cheap coral wins-


I'm an SPS guy so I am cheering on the Efflo!!!


DIE monti Die (or at least the part thats touching)


My undata won against the Purple Haze and my Pink Lemonade won against my rainbow monti.


The good thing (perhaps) is you can trim back the efflo and sell a frag or two-


Good luck

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