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Keeping a Naso Tang


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I am just trying to get enough information about these guys before would get one. What I have read about the Naso Tang is the are peaceful for the most part but can be aggressive towards other Naso Tangs and other Tangs in general. I currently have just upgraded to a 220 gal tank and it is a FOWLR. I have about a 4 in Hippo Tang, 2 in Scopas Tang, and a 4 in Sailfin Tang. By adding the Naso, is he going to be aggressive towards them? I know there are alot of factors that can have an bearing on this but I am looking for peoples experience on this guys. The Naso I am looking at is about a 7-8 in male.

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that is a big Naso--wouldn't expect him to be too aggressive as he is being added last...they are indeed peaceful...probably won't be a problem but you will need to feed decently to keep everyone happy...how much room do you have?




Thanks for the info. I will have the rockwork set up for lots of open space. I am still moving into this tank and am trying to have some forthought into this since everyones home is being moved around. I have heard these guys eat like crazy. This Naso is beautiful and has inch long streamers.



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I would think he would be most aggresive toward like shaped tangs since he is being added last.


This is the last fish I am planning on adding if I do in fact add him.


I have had a large blonde naso and it wad my first tang I threw in a larg yellow tang and then I just threw in a good sized hippo and the hippo follows the naso everywhere mine is very nice I almost wan to try to get another one to make a pair


They are pretty. He is currently in a tank with a female that looks just like him, except for the lack of streamers. They were not a pair but have been housed together for a short time. No issues short term but I am looking for the life of this fish, since I have read they can live a very long time.

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