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FS: koran angel and blue hippo tang


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i have a blue hippo tang and i koran angel both are about 4 inches. they both have HLLE and is has healed quite a bit but i cant trade them to the LFS because they have this. i need these gone ASAP. im asking $40 for both. they both eat like pigs and are extremely active and healthy. i will put some pics up soon.

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Interested in the fish. Where are you located? And how long have they had hlle?




im in the dalles, but im able to meet in portland cause i got to school there. i want to say 8 months. i treated the fish with cupramine when i first got them and it has healed alot and still is healing. its a fowlr and the nirates are high which will slow the healing process, but HLLE can take up to a year to heal from what i have read.

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