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I have been wanting an Achillies tang for 3 or 4 years now. Every time I ask a LFS to get me one they say they ordered it but it didn't so up. can anyone get one of these? any fish stores in Portland have these in stock? how much are they?

I would be willing to drive up there if I can get 1 or 2.

Let me know!?

I have read a lot about them also. I know that they are hard to keep and are temperamental.

this is a challenge that I really want to take on.

I have had a purple tang for over a year and am really looking forward to something differnet.

I just love the way these fish look also.


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Ok I am reviving this thread.

I am headed to the meeting this month at the Clownhouse and would like to pick an Achillies Tang when I am going through portland. There are never any down here so I thought I would pick one up sense I am already passing through.

can I get an updated report if anyone knows a store that has one or anyone wanting to sell one they have?

prices would be great too.

this way I do not have to try and call every store in portland. Plus you guys know where to go.

thank you!

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ok one last time

just called about 10 phone # in portland

half were disconnected.........

A couple said they can get one in a week. I have been hearing this for the past 6 months from local reef stores here in medford.

let me know if you want to get rid of one or you know of a store that has one.

thank you!

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