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TEK Lighting and Geo Calcium Reactor


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Its time for me to clear some stuff out. Those that know me know that I change my mind often and I end up changing something I shouldn't have done in the first place, that is what I did with these two items.


1. TEK 48" T5 Fixture w/ 8 bulbs & hanging system. I will also include 8 used bulbs (for a total of 16). I purchased this fixture from Liquid Sunshine when they were closing thinking I would use it over my refugium (replace my 4 light fixture), but I quickly found I prefered the 4 bulb I have. So, I am asking $200. SOLD




2. Geo 618 Calcium Reactor w/ Panworld 40x pump. Does not come with CO2 Tank or Regulator and does not come with second chamber seen in picture. Does come with 18 pounds of CaribSea Arm Extra Course Media. It does have a port for a PH Probe and I will even throw in a PH Probe (used but in fine working condition, still wet). I purchased this a while back with the understanding that it could handle my tank, only to find out it was made for tanks up to 350 gallons, so I had to upgrade to the 818. I am asking $200.




Both are a little dirty from use, but are in fine working condition.

I accept cash, paypal, or credit card. I cannot ship because I don't want the take the chance of anything breaking. I will not hold an item without a down payment. I am located in Springfield, and you can either message me through here, send me an email at douglasfoster@comcast.net, or call me at (541) 915-2423.




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