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Misc. Crap taking up space.....


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Stuff that I am not using, and its just taking up space in the garage. Lots of good projects, I just do not need projects at the moment, and want this stuff gone yesterday.

1. First I have a DE 250w Odyssea fixture with 2x compact fluorescent bulbs to be used as actinics or supplemental lighting. Also this unit has the moonlights. It comes with a BRAND NEW, never fired Ebay bulb. I bought the fixture used, took it home plugged it in and the halide worked, but the bulb was old. Bought a new bulb, put it in, and it did not work. Now I am almost certain the ballast is out, but I just do not need it or have the time to mess with it. - $50 with the new bulbSOLD


2. Next I have a little single bulb Current light. Measures about 20" wide, and has a moonlight. Plugged it in, bulb did not work, but the moonlight did. - $3SOLD



3. Next I have an old Sunlight Supply Blue 175w ballast, with cord, standard reflector and old bulb. Not sure why it doesnt work, its just been sitting in the garage for a couple years. Plugged it in and it did not fire up- $10SOLD


4. Also found a 48" PFO hood. Could easily be made into a sweet DIY hood to hold your halides, t-5's, whatever. Could be a cool project, I just dont have any use for it. -$15 SOLD TO RYAN


5. Up next is a Current 31" fixture. Holds 2 compact fluorescent bulbs, one powered on, one did not. -$5SOLD


6. Here is a box of 10 various used MH bulbs - all different wattage. 8 SE bulbs, 2 DE. -$10 SOLD TO RYAN


7. Also have 5x Azoo Battery Air Pumps (in box- probably never used). $1 each SOLD TO RYAN


8. Extra R.O. Canisters - $5 SOLD TO RYAN


9. 2 boxes of powerheads, and powerhead parts. Mostly maxijet stuff I think. $3 SOLD TO RYAN


There it is. Let me know if you want any of it, or if anything should be cheaper, just say so. Would probably trade for corals if you were so inclined also.



ALL SOLD! Thanks to everyone for looking.






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If I'm correct you still have 1,2,3, and 5? None working correctly?


Would you be interested in swapping them for a Dragon Soul Favia? Somewhere between 15 and 20 eyes.


If so what are the chances of getting them to Garrett this weekend? He is supposed to be coming here Monday.


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