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"SEAMAX" in Summer of 2011?


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Hi All,


We have been invited to the PNWMAS forum to discuss the possibility of bringing a Marine Aquarium Expo to the Seattle Washington area!

We are considering summer of 2011 as our target date.


"Marine Aquarium Expo (MAX) is the largest consumer event for the marine aquarium hobby in North America. MAX attracts saltwater enthusiasts from all over the United States for an entire weekend of selling, trading, exhibiting, and showcasing the latest products in the aquatics industry. Over 100 booths fill nearly 30,000 sq. ft. of floor space, many selling livestock and/or drygoods. The MAX show is extremely family-friendly with our exclusive FinZone. The kids LOVE our Children's Touch Tank, Doodle Art, Videos & other great activities, so bring the entire family! ."


We are currently polling our vendors to see if they will support such an event, however we wish to hear from you hobbyists as well.

We would like to get a better consensus as to:

1) how many people would attend such an event?

2) how many people would volunteer to help staff a Seattle/MAX event?


The only way we can pull this off logistically is if we get enough people committed who can donate some of their time to help bring a show to Seattle.


Please chime in and let us know if you would attend such an event held in in the Seattle Washington area. We anticipate entry fee to be $25 per adult

(this would of course be waived for volunteers)


We wish to thank you for your time and hope to see you in 2011!


MAX Staff




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