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Fragging a leather coral ??


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Ok guys I know there is allot of you out there that know how to do this so please help me out with some info on how to do it . I haven't (plotting) but would like to because there are about 3 spots where I can frag (It's a pinkish /whitish tree coral) I have had it for about 3 months or so and it has tripled in size . I like it and Its a nice piece in my tank but would like to frag :D just because its doing so well and it was the first coral I got when I set up my tank for the fourth time (flame), But anyways back to the question how do you frag a leather coral with out harming it or loosing it ?? I heard of a rubber band method & a razor method . Is there any other methods ?? So what is the best and safest way ??

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When I first fragged my leather coral the only thing I needed was...


1) a pair of sharp scissors...


2) I had to grow a pair....(That was the hard part)...(laugh)


The nervousness is the hardest part your first time, once you take that punge and actually pull the trigger and do it...your like...wait a sec. its not as hard as I thought it would be...lol


I also went on YouTube and watched a bunch of videos of other people doing it, that helped me grow a pair...lol(laugh)...I was so freaken nervous I was going to do it wrong...or damage something, or worst kill it....but I was like Edward Scissor Hands after the first snip...and the "Mother Colony" and the frags where JUST fine...no problem at all...


Hopefully other people will chime in and maybe give you some pointers, but trust me, that first time is the hardest...after you have done it once, its easy...:D


I think the second hardest is getting the frags to attach to something, that just takes time though, you can try gently using a rubber band to gently put it on a peice of rubble rock, or you can put the frags in a container with some crushed coral in a place where there is low flow (so they don't blow away) and just give it some time to start attaching....


The mother colony will heal just fine, the polyps might not come out for a while, but that seems normal, same with the frags...but they are pretty tough corals...I highly suggest watching some of the videos on YouTube on fragging soft corals/leathers...it might help..

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I have fragged my leather corals by taking scissors and cutting the head off the stalk. I then ran fishing line through the head and tied that around a rock with the cut base facing down. Give it a couple of weeks to attach then remove the fishing line. As for the base, it will regrow a new head in a couple of weeks

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I just lopped off a chunk from my Tyree Green TS and will be doing the fishing line process.


I've tried the rubber band/tooth pick but had the rubber band to tight and over time it slowly cut through thru TS.


I take a sewing needle and about 6lb leader or fishing line and stab it through the leather going around the rock I want to attach it to. I do this at least twice and then let it sit in a low flow area.


I cut that chunk off a week or so ago and its just been sitting wanting for the frag tank to be finished-all the while the polyps have been coming out while it just sits in the bottom of the tank.


These thing are resilient and hard to kill-don’t sweat it just get some sharp scissors and cut away.

Good luck

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I use one of these for my larger softies. True story!




Then I get a piece of rubble rock and use a few plastic tooth picks and tie hemp around the rocks and the ends of the tooth picks. In about 2 weeks they will never come off again and the hemp almost falls off then the tooth picks slide out with ease(since they are plastic)...

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