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WTT 3/4 Seaswirl, RPE's, etc.....


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First off, I am wanting to trade a 3/4" seaswirl for a 1/2" seaswirl if possible.


Also I have 14 heads of RPE's (they look like the ones in the picture)


A small encrusted frag of Purple Pavona (coloration is close to picture, maybe a little brighter purple)


3x Bright Green Polyp Toadstools


Small Orange Yuma on frag plug


Various misc heads of teal candycane


Sorry for not having any actual pictures, my camera is horrible.


For trades, I am open to ideas. I am semi limited space-wise, seeing as I only have my 34g solana tank with 70w MH. I have a couple 'tester' sps frags that are doing OK in the top of the tank to get the most light, so probably limited SPS wise. So preferably lower light corals, and Bright!

I have been wanting a PINK yuma for quite a while, so if anyone has one available that would be SWEEEEEET!

Other than that, just shoot me offers. For some reason I am wanting a little bit of Pink & White Pulsing Xenia, and neon green candycayne and Darth Mauls are on my 'wish list' also.


I may be willing to make a trip to portland soon (I have been looking for an excuse to drive up there and check out some LFS shops).



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