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Grassi made me do it


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Alex had been so active on this forum while I was pregnant (switched to baby forums for the time being), that now I think it's time to finally get a separate account.


Yes, the better Grassi will now be known as Polythene Pam... yes I love the Beatles, even more than ricordea (rock2)

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And technically I'm the one who started on the forum as Grassi ! lol


It's nice to finally start getting back into the hobby some more... and nice to be on a forum that doesn't post birth stories!


Well then you should make Alex be Polythene Pam so he can get in touch with his feminine side and you take over Grassi and his rep points!

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Nope' date=' I'm in the basement staring at the tanks. I don't like tv (nono)[/quote']

Don't make me ruin your hip image by telling the world of your love for Golden Girls



But Jamie' date=' don't ya know Alex needs to upgrade the 65 to Jay's walk around 120 :P[/quote']

Oh he did mention it! Thank god maternity leave has drained the bank or I'd expect it to magically appear someday soon!

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