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How high to hang my T5 fixture


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Bought this great light last night from a fellow member. Love it! But I have no idea how high to hang it. 12-18 inches from the top of the water? Planning on growing LPS and softies, and at some point I want a clam. Might dabble w/ SPS later, but not sure.Tank is 75 gallon, 18 in deep. Help please. Thanks in advance.




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Thanks. Mine is 6 bulb 54w. Think I could get away w/ 8 inches? The water does not go to the top of my tank due to the side overflow, I'd say about 2 inches between the water & top of tank. I'm considering the need to put my hands in the tank for placing frags etc etc. So do you think 6 inches above the tank will be good?

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