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55 gal complete system for sale


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It kills me to do this(sad), but here goes.


55 gal. All Glass tank with built in corner overflow. All glass pine stand and modified canopy(made taller for halides). Coralife 2x150watt halide-2x96watt actinic pcs-4-1watt moonlight retrofit lighting setup with 2 month old halide bulbs and timers. 2 Korillia powerheads.

All Glass wet-dry with bio-balls removed. Iwaki 40 rlt return pump. PCI skimmer with pump, stealth 200 watt heater, brand new JBJ ATO unit.


Fully stocked with approx 80 lbs. of nice LR, 2-3 inch sandbed, about a dozen nice SPS corals, Duncan, tyree green toadstool, misc. zoas, star polyps, featherduster, 4 firefish, yellow watchman goby, lawnmower blenny, yellowfin wrasse, and an ocellaris clown.


via aqua polar bear cc-50 chiller-1/4 hp, works great!


$750 for all of it. Or I'll sell the chiller seperate for $250, and the complete, stocked system for $550


If bought as a package I have a couple of buckets full of extras. mag 7, rio 2500, rio 1100, 2 media reactors and media, extra heater for mixing water, misc parts and tubing, 3/4 of a bucket of instant ocean salt, a 30 gal tub for mixing water, and a box full of test kits and chemicals, nets, and tools.


If I don't get any interest in it as a package in a couple of days, I'll start listing individual prices to part it out(livestock first).




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I wouldn't do it if I could avoid it. It's just gotten to be too much for me to deal with while I'm injured. and with no definite timeline for recovery..........


And workman's comp doesn't pay as well as working. Soooooo, here we are.

Pesonally, I'd eat top ramen for a few months to avoid this. But my family deserves better than that;)

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