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thanks everyone for the compliments. I'm a little scared to put the clam in the tank cause i wonder if the trigger will make it a meal.


Looks good calvin' date=' Hey, I can see my cup under the frag tank shots (laugh)[/quote']



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Still one of my top 3 favorite tanks in the club!!! Hey Calvin' date=' I have another favia like the predator's blood for you. It is a little blue/green on hte edges, but has that brilliant neon green eyes and splashes in it!!![/quote']


thanks Bob, have a pic of that favia?



Very nice Calvin. Tell that guy you want the giant red flower pot back' date=' that thing was killer.[/quote']


actually i don't want it back cause i didn't have the proper space for it and parts of it that weren't getting enough light were dying. he has someone with enough room watching it.

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