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more clam help


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A couple months ago, I got some great advice from you all about helping my baby maxima. Well, that clam(after I moved it up the rockwork) is doing great.


I added a gold rim T. Maxima to my tank about 2 weeks ago, and it just hasn't looked right from the get go. The foot appears to be undamaged, and there are no signs of pyramid snails. The clam reacts to shadows as well....



well, yesterday, I came home and the inhalant siphon hole was about double the diameter what it should be. not good.


Any advice? All my levels are steady...and the 3 other clams(1 maxi, 2 croceas) are happy and healthy.


thanks in advance.

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I am really hoping it is just adjusting. There are no pests bothering it...to my knowledge...


I don't want to jump to conclusions and do a FW dip, only to prematurely kill the clam...I have seen people do this too many times.

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