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Do Zoanthids Close when growing?


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Like other soft corals for example Leather corals, they tend to shrink down and close up prior to a growth spurt, I was wondering if Zoanthids did the same thing?


Do Zoanthids tend to close up for a few days prior to spreading? Do they almost close up like the are trying to push out a new polyp? I was curious, I have a frag of some zoas that seem to be doing that, they where open for weeks, and then have almost all closed up for the last few days, but it looks like they are trying to spread/multiply....Just curious if that is normal for Zoanthids to do...I know many people ask simular questions about say Toadstool Leather Coral, why is it not extending its polyps...and most of the time its becuase its growing, and they tend to almost shut down and shrink up and many people think they are not doing very well, but in acuality they are going to grow...Right? Curious if Zoanthids did the same thing...



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I haven't experienced this. Usually they just put out a runner which gets fatter and turns into a new polyp, or they just bud a new one from the base of an adult polyp.


Could something be bothering the zoas? Any new fish/hermit/snails added lately?

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