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Acropora? Any Ideas?


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So I aquired this frag that was all solid brown with white polyps, The person that I aquired it from said his tank was high in phosphates and that was the reason that it was all brown in coloration, and said if my tank had the right water quality that it should loose the brown coloration and could color up very nicely, well I figured what the heck, I put it in my tank and a couple of weeks later it TOTALLY looks different, the brown completely went away and the whole thing turned this beautiful blue coloration. Please forgive the algea in the pic, I have a little issue with that at the moment, but I just wanted to share a couple of pics to see if anyone could maybe give me an idea of what it might be, I don't know much about SPS, and I was guessing it was an Acropora of some kind...but it sure is beautiful and seems to be doing ok in my tank...I love the coloration, and wish i would have snapped a pic of it when I first got it to show what it looked like when I got it, it was solid brown in coloration, no color other than brown...and now it looks like this...in person it seems much more colorful than the picture depicts....Any Ideas?





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I dont have much knowledge as to the different sub-species.

Acropora is the general catagory and yours is for sure an acro.

My guess is some type of loripes or maybe a granulosa but they are guesses.


Do yourself a favor and buy all the "brown corals" that person wants to sell ya-(clap)


Some of my nicest pieces have been peoples "browned out" corals


Here is a nice coral I got that was brown/beige in the other person's tank-I wont say their name-they just did not have a healthy sysytem is my guess-(whistle)




That piece you have is very nice-it'll continue to color up is my guess

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Just a little update, This acropora is still alive, and just maybe might have grown a little, what do you think? The color has darkened a bit to a teal bluey green coloration, and has stayed that way for a while...it really hasn't branched out but gotten more "chunky".... I was expecting the branches to grow out, but instead it just seemed to fill out instead of grow out, is that normal? Do they fill out and then branch out?






Some before and after pics....






I was wondering if this is normal, for the polyps not to extend on the very tips or tops, but the polyps below the very tips to be out, as you can see in this pic




See how the very tips seem to never have thier polyps out, but the ones that are lower come out, is that normal? I have very little expreience with Acropora...I do have a Milli and a green slimer frag, and they have polyps out everywhere, but this seems to only have lower polyps out...I was just curious if that is normal for these types of acropora?...

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BTW, One other thing which may or may not ring true. With zoanthids you can get an idea of where they should be by looking at the polyps and stems. Tightly packed polyps usually like stronger currents and longer stemmed polyps usually need to stretch to get light indicating they are use to a lower light area. I would assume acropora are much the same. I.E. A tight packed colony like this one probably needs a higher flow area that is fairly well lit.

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How close is the coral to your light source? Does your alk fluctuate?


Well its about midway in a 40b, and a 40b is 16" tall, and the light is suspended 12" off the top of the water, so I would say that its about 20" away from a dual 250w sunpod...


I just checked my Alk and it was a little low, I am working on getting it raised up a bit...As far as the Alk fluctuating, That I am going to have to monitor and get back to you on that...:p

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