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Thank's for your donations


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So I had asked for this in previous threads and although this isn't the official list of all donations it should give thhe club a good idea of what all sponsors have donated in efforts of enhancing members experiences within our club.


Please join me in showing some appreciation to these guys for their efforts and hard work.


Here is what I have thus far....thanks Lowman.


Totally Exotic Corals of Oregon- Ton's of frags, gift certificates, probably more


Soutas- Lot's of frags


Salt Water Fantasies- buckets of salt, gift Certs,


Upscales- gift certs


Davy Jones Locker- 30 gallon acrylic tank with custom stand and canopy


Envision- Many tanks and once a killer frag system


Westside- Gift Certs


Seahorse- gift Certs


Waves- gift certs


Air, water, ice- RO/DI unit


Champion Lighting


Rod's Food


DT Phytoplankton




Reef Nutrition


Advanced Aquarium


And all of them donated at least twice!



This does not include GOC donations as those are seperate from donations to the club.


Thank you guys.


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You can add to that-

Champion Lighting, Rod's Food, DT Phytoplankton, Tetra, Reef Nutrition, Advanced Aquarium, and I know there are more. Those are just the ones I can add from memory..... from when I was Vendor Relations Officer. And all of them donated atleast twice!

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Re: Thank's for your donations


This is exactly what I was looking for.....now maybe all of us members can get a better idea of what our sponsors have done for this club. This might even pursuade a few non members to become members, as I know it, it is the members who benefit most from our sponsors, discounts, and donations. Now I get a better idea of just how generous our sponsors have been.


Again, thank you to ALL of our sponsors....especially those listed above.


I would also like to take this time to thank all of those sponsors who honor the 10% discount to card holders


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