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Neptune Systems in Awesome!


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Remember that near fire we almost had a few weeks ago? Well it had damaged my DC8 brick that goes with my Apex controller.


I contacted Neptune that same night via email, got a reply within 1/2 an hour. They had me send the DC8 in to Neptune to be checked out, to be double sure that it was not the cause of the mishap.


They had me send the DC8 to them via UPS on their dime! They send it back to me all fixed with no charge to me!!! (even though the DC8 was not the cause of the plug meltdown/near fire.)


If you are considering a controller of any kind for your tank I would highly recommend Neptune Systems to you! The customer service is above all others!!



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They have been amazingly awesome. When you get the controller, it is not a simple thing to set it up and the instructions are not helpful. The guy must use a blackberry or iphone because he responds to emails quickly and even called Beth at 8 o clock at night and talked her through a problem.


I am truly impressed that they replaced the plug on the dc8 and returned it in about 2 weeks time for no charge when the problem was not the dc8.

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Vortech has great customer service. I called them after buying one off eBay that i thought had a bad wet side. They sent me a new wet side it took about 2-3 days from talking to them to having a new one in the tank. Then the new one started to make loud noises after about three weeks or so. So I called them back up and they sent me another took a bit longer the second time but I cant complain. I would recommend them to anyone.

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I'll go out on a limb and tell you Vortech will knock your socks off-


At least my two times I worked with them-Blew me away-Their customer service is almost as good as the company I represent-(laugh)



You were right. The new MP10 I got for the frag tank has a cut in the wire grommet. They are gonna send me a new motor. I don't have to send back the old one. I have just to retain it and not selling it. So with a wet assembly I can have a second one for $50? (rock2)

They answered in a hour or so: amazing. Thumbs up


Note: If your local or online store refuse to take care of it, that is normal. Eco Tech do want to handle the returns directly.

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