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corals for sale


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I need to sell most of my corals for some emergency cash:


small colony of red blastos wellsi with blue centers about 7 or 8 heads $40


Medium sized acropora plana green $40


Blue tipped Tenuis colony $40


Several different frags on plugs $5-15 each

including rainbow stylo, green stylo, ponape bird nest, pink bird nest, yellowish birdnest with orange tip, A sweet valida frag


there are several others in the tank, but the lights are out now and I can't see them LOL


Please feel free to make REASONABLE offers on this stuff.



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Oh man, the predators blood is sold and the red/blue mouthed one is on hold. I will try to get some pics, but the wife took the camera on her trip to Yellowstone this week!!! My daughter's cell phone has a decent camera so I will try with that

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