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Arrivals 7/12-7/16

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We have Vanuatu Fish arriving Monday and Indo Fish/Inverts on Tuesday. There should also be a cleaner crew order sometime this week.



Vanuatu Fish- Arrives Monday


1-condei fairy wrasse male

1-condei fairy wrasse female

2-labouti fairy wrasse

1-multifasciatus angel

1-flasher wrasse male

2-blue tang small

1-zebra angel

2-blue tang m/l

1-indian blenny

2-hooded fairy wrasse male

4-pylei fairy wrasse male

1-wantanabe angel male

2-ruby fairy wrasse

1-scotts fairy wrasse

1-regal angel

2-tomini tang

1-canary wrasse

1-dragon wrasse

1-pencil wrasse

2-black leopard wrasse

2-ear wrasse M. kuiteri

7-female squami anthias

2-mimic tangs

1-coral beauty

1-bicolor angel

2-flasher wrasse

2-ruby fairy wrasse female

2-green christmas wrasse

2-red christmas wrasse

1-orange shoulder tang

2-male squami anthias

5-dispar anthias

1-arc eye hawk

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Indo Fish/Inverts- Arrive Tuesday

14-pink anthias

1-twin-spot coris

2-pink/blue spot watchman

1-"multicolor" wrasse

1-mural sifter goby

2-purple square anthias

1-powder brown tang

1-green bird wrasse

1-dragon wrasse

3-blue tang

3-scopas tang

6-green mandarin

4-scooter blenny

6-dragonface pipefish

6-"striped" cardinal

6-algae blenny

2-"redleg" pistol shrimp

2-"blueleg" pistol shrimp

12-cleaner shrimp

2-harlequin shrimp

4-sexy shrimp

4-choc. chip star


2-clown trigger

3-sailfin tang

3-"yellow" tang...i think these will be mimic

4-scribbled rabbit

2-orange shoulder tang

2-powder grey tang

2-copperband butterfly

2-ornate butterfly

2-blk/white heniochus

1-japanese swallowtail angel

1-lamark angel

50-green chromis

6-domino damsel

12-yellowtail damsel

6-three stripe damsel

2-pyramid butterfly

1-koran angel

2-flamefin tang

1-blk.-fin shrimp goby

2-big eye squirrelfish


1-naso tang

1-harlequin tusk wrasse

2-koko worms

5-maroon clown

2-sebae anemone

4-feather duster

3-valentini puffer

2-coral banded shrimp

6-orange spot watchman

4-starry blenny

1-"blue dotted black" blenny.....tribal maybe??

4-leopard wrasse

1-"white bar" blenny

2-cleaner wrasse

1-flametail blenny

3-sixline wrasse

1-two-spot wrasse

2-yellow watchman goby

2-hector's goby

1-"yellow ribbon" wrasse

1-"pencil" wrasse

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