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I have a small flea prob and am wondering what others are using to combat them. I do use advantage but since our cat is a indoor/outdoor and from what I've read fleas reside mostly in homes and the yard and don't actually live on the animal what products do you use to treat your home and yard?

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Allow me---


First of all, there is no such thing as a small flea problem...they are relatively easy to kill, very difficult to control...if you are seeing fleas, they are WAY ahead of you..


Second, normally I don't see much in the way of flea issues till September or October...over the last 3 weeks, that is all we are seeing is FLEAS!!! The "no-show" winter, wet spring and hot kick off to summer has caused an explosion.


Third...Advantage "used" to work a couple years ago but fleas have become resistant specifically to it...voodoo control methods like "water" and "lights" --"plug-ins" and "garlic" keep me in business, sorry so say...


The animal is the dinner table, the house is the nest...treat the pet, focus on the house!!!



1) Treat fleas smartly, not cheaply--if you are seeing them or they are causing pets to itch or worse, they are jumping on you, prepare for war.

In these scenerios, the cheaper you go the deeper you go...

2) You cannot bathe your way out of a flea issue...

3) Keep the grass moved short and little more needs to be done to the outdoors



It is already a bad flea year and we've got months and months to go...



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We are having the same issues with fleas. We have big birds though. Which means no chemical treatments for the home. We have been using the lamp over the water dish and catch masses of fleas every night. I also vaccuum 3 to 4 times a day to get the eggs out of the carpet. I would like to know if there is any treatments that could be used that are natural. We sprayed the house with a pet friendly control but it did nothing.

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