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half-astronaut build thread


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So I finally got around to doing my build thread. Bear with me as this is the first time I'm posting images.

The tank itself is around 280, with a 110 sump which holds about 70gal. Its made with epoxy-painted 3/4 plywood and 1/2" glass. I'm currently running a SWC extreme 200 skimmer. For lighting I have 8x54w T5s and 2x400MH.

Return pump is a Dart. Closed loop has a high pressure Iwaki, OM super-squirt, and penductors.


The original laundry area












you can see the porthole to the bathroom between the overflows


The porthole the other way


Some of the awesome live rock I got from FL



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yeah, I'm a bit confused. There are a lot of pics. Does it usually take awhile for them to post?


The album is here: http://picasaweb.google.com/mikewedel72/TankProgress?feat=directlink


I fixed all your pic links. Here is the trick you should use if you are going to use picasa. When you are looking at a picture in your album, place your cursor over you picture and right click. Select copy image location. Then when posting to your pics in a thread click this icon insertimage.gif. When the insert image window appears put your cursor over the highlighted http:// and right click. Select Paste. Click ok and you are set.



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Wow, very cool. Yeah, your front windows are sweet!


Will you have a curtain over the porthole or just take your chances with privacy in the bathroom?


Very creative build. I may have to work on something like this for my next tank. Of course, then I would have a lot more glass to clean!

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