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20" 250w Sunpod


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20" 250w sunpod w/ 14k phoenix bulb. Sweet MH setup that came with the solana I bought a couple weeks ago from Brandon but I decided to do LEDs so I don't need it. $250



You are going "fancy" :)

Me too, looking forward to see your setup

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Bump for price drop. :) Now $215.


Nobody has bought this yet? I have the same fixture without the Pheonix bulb, and I like it...Infact I was going to buy a 36" Sunpod for the 40g breeder I just got, cause I like them so much...Hmmm...I could put 2 20" sunpods on there as well...Anyway...This is a great deal! Sunpods are great fixtures, I like them:D And thats a great price for one, especially with a Pheonix bulb already in it! Nice.....Bump for a great deal!!!! If I had the funds right this moment, I would be so all over this deal....

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Oh Kendra' date=' if only I had the money, I'd take it in a HEARTBEAT!!!![/quote']


WORDDOH!...isn't murphy's law or something....when you do have extra cash.....the deals just don't seem to be there, but when your broke as a joke....deals come out of the woodwork just to slap you in the face....DOH!...I am surprised this fixture is not sold....its killing me(scratch)

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Unless you need the cash-you may want to hold onto it and be certain the LED's are all they are cracked up to be.

Only saying that I have known a few folks that went LED and then went back to halides-

Not bashing LED just saying it the way it played out for some other folks-times change as does technology so......


I just know hindsight SUCKS

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