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ecoplus 1/10HP chiller and LR for sale


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I'm selling my ecoplus 1/10HP chiller with pump that i only used once but works great. All you need are tubing. Retails for $370 plus shipping but selling for $150


Each EcoPlus Water Chiller features a high performance titanium heat exchanger for optimum performance and corrosion resistance. They also have an efficient and reliable compressor as well as a micro computer with digital LCD display that allows for easy operation. EcoPlus 1/10th HP Water Chiller specs and features


* Capable of chilling a 90 gallon tank minus 10°F and 35 gallon tank minus 30°F

* 280 Watts

* 120/60 V/HZ

* 2.3 Amps

* 1/2" Fittings

* GPH 132 min/264 max


Also have 40-45lbs of mixed fiji and timora live rock. Its good and mature, its been in my tank for about 2 years-$80 About $2/lb


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