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Soft Coral Frags for Sale or Trade


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I have started to accumulate some frags and its time to let them go, First up is what I think a very beautiful Toadstool Leather coral, I purchased it as a "Golden" Toadstool, but its a very pretty green cap with tan polyps. These pics are under 14k MH.


Here is a pic of the fresh cut frags, they all have now started to grow stalks, I have a couple that are attached to frag plugs, others are attaching to crushed coral so they can easily be glued to the exact spot you want. These are good sized frags, most are at least golf ball sized.


Asking $15 each


You can see the "Mother" in the background...left



I also have good sized frags of Xenia, I have Pulsating and Pom Pom and can provide pics if needed.


Pom Pom- $15 each


Pulsating- $10


I also have some frags of Kenya Tree Coral that I could include FREE with purchase of anything else, that is if you want it....


We are open to trades, mainly looking for Zoas, Monti Cap frags or Neon/Kryptonite Candy Canes...and can add cash for certain trades...might be open to something else too...you never know...


We are willing to meet in the Portland Area, or we can bring them to the PNWMAS meeting at the end of the month....

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Anyone Interested? I need to clear these frags out soon...next stop is a shop if they want them....and I am sure some shop will want them....disreguard the prices I posted...I am just looking for good homes...I can bring them to the PNWMAS meeting in a few weeks....Let me know...


Willing to trade for Cheato too...lol

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wow you finally got brave enough to frag some big ones' date=' look nice :)[/quote']


LOL...Sure did, I feel more experienced now...lol, No I was hacking back the xenia and suddenly got this bulge in my pants...you know down by the groin region....next thing I know I am wacking the toadstool too...when it was all over I couldn't beleive what I had just done...but it wasn't bad at all...pretty easy actually...lol, Amanda was shocked I actually grew a pair and did it...lol


You need a new toadstool for your tank right?(naughty)....lol

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