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Jakes sps 34gal and id collection


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set up dec 1st 2009 as my first saltwater/ reef tank. the tank i bought new and did some modifications to the lights and added a chiller.i realize being a small tank some people have problems, i however have not yet. i dose manually and ive got it down good, also i do weekly water changes of 5 galoons a week or about 15%. ive upgraded the skimmer to the euro reef nano skimmer and it pull out alot of crap. also the fish population is low and will stay that way.


i am using this thread as a diary to keep all the name of coral strait. if they are wrong please let me know and theres a few unknowns in there to, so thanks for ur help and ill keep u updated.


this is my setup.

red sea max 34 gallon aio

Pacific Coast 1/13 HP Chiller PC-CL-200

pacific coast imports 2400 pump

Lumatek Dimmable/Multi-Wattage (150W, 175W, 250W) Ballast

Reeflux 12K bulb

2 65 watt coralife antintics

euroreef nano skimmer.


here is some pics that ive taken along the way and some progress that ive made.


1. most current pic on 1-23-2011



2. heres the light the thing came with 2-55watt pcs



3. new and improved 150 watt reeflux w/ 2-65watt actinics and some upgraded fans for cooling the plastic hood



4. inside the cabinet we have the chiller pump chemicals, test and food



5.the pacific coast imports chiller



6.here a pic that was taken on 3-30-2010



7.the back of the tank came with a tinted peice of glass that you could see though to the sump area behind. i made this to cover it up.



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anything that i have the names wrong please correct. thanks

inverts fish and zoas.


1. false perc w/ rbta



2. red spike starfish



3. diamond goby in his den



9. pink armor of gods zoas. not possitive on the name



10. mixed unknown zoas. help w/id



11.watermelon zoas



12. ricordias


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sps corals.....


1. blue tip acro



2. cyphastrea decadia



3. fire coral. not sure on the name and a pink birdsnest



4. meteor shower cyphastrea



5. multituda



6. yellow birdsnest w/ green tips



7. yellow staghorn



8. yellow scroll coral



9. superman monti



10. tyree monti undata


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My ORA Valida tri look like #7 not #5-I have SPS that look llike 5 but not the Valida-


Nice stuff you have-question for ya, is the star fish safe for the corals? I thought I heard as a rule "bumpy" starfish bad, "smooth" starfish good-


Regardless good looking set up, some of those look like they came from Westside???

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i have to ask tim at westside next time im there what 5 and 7 are. the star fish i got off of powell ' date='not sure the name of the place. on the reef safe , i have never seen him on anything except the rocks or glass.[/quote']


You may want to ask-its just what I have been told-Like the chocolate chip and anything with "bumps/points" not being coral safe-potentially that is of course

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i thought i havent updaded pics in a while so i thought the comming 1 year birthday on dec 1st would be a good time


1. green people eaters, huge luner eclips, red hornets and spme cool zoas from issac on the bottom left.



2. chalice collection of a tyree pink watermelon, bubble gum monter and oregon mummy eye



3. one of my favorite peices the war coral. he always looks like that



4.close up of the bgm



5.full tank shot taken 11-21-2010 almost 1 year old


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