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Need help on a re-wire


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My current light fixture has 4-65 compact fluorescents each with their own ballast. The CF are the straight pin version and I want to swap out the CF for T5.

The 4 foot T5's are 54 watt so I have been told that the CF ballasts should work fine-


Anybody have any input on that??


I need to find out what "pins" on the CF fixture are what hot/neutral etc..


Anyway, if there is anyone who has done something similar or knows of someone that has LMK, I am going to start surfing for answers my self.

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The CF's are like T5's in the way that each end of the bulb has two wires, the bulb is just bent into a U shape. since it is the straight pin you should be able to take lets just go with the two wires on the right and run them to the other end of the fixture to put them on the other end of the T5.

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then why did you post for help(scratch)


I guess i was lazy but after talking with John at SWF and deciding "what made sense" and if that did not work what would happen, I gave it a try and it worked. I just was not suer about the 4 pin connector going to a T5.


Basiclly each side of the CF took a set of wires, the 2 left wires make a set and the 2 right sided made the other set-each "set" of wires went to each end of the T5's.


Or basiclly what Reef165 said-(laugh)


Thanks Eddie, at least I know I got it right(clap)


Never got an answer though to the movie quote in Blue.

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