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Purple Monti Cap Frags F/S $5 - $10


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I have several montipora capricornus frags available. They are unmounted and all come from my huge multi-layered mother colony in the first picture.


1" frags - $5.00 each

2" frags - $10.00 each


I also have decent sized unmounted frags of green, orange and purple montipora digitata that I will sell for $5.00 each.





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Would you be willing to hang on to a 2" frag until I can find someone either heading from PDX to Eugene or someone from here going up? (just a matter of time, seems like someone is making the trip at least once or twice a week(laugh))

I would normally be more than happy to come get it myself, but I tore my rotator cuff and my right arm is in a sling until they decide if surgery is necessary. Both my cars are stickshifts, so no driving for a while(sad).

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Great frags, big and colorful!


Hi Dave,


Thanks for the great looking frags of the purple cap as well as the xenia and green thingy (I forget what you called them). You have a beautiful tank. I appreciate the great deals.


Have a fantastic 4th.



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