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Complete system for sale 24g aquapod


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I have a complete 24g aquapod with stand for sale. Tank is in good shape only 2 small scratches on glass. Stand has some wear but nothing major. Included is all livestock and rock. Including medium sized green welso brain, a nice gold teardrop maxima clam, a huge kenya tree, numerous various zoas, a large sps (pocilapora I think), various mushrooms, 1 black and white occelaris clown, 1 yellow clown goby (healthy and eats flake), 1 cleaner shrimp and a few snails and hermits.

This light:



6 extra bulbs, 4 that are brand new 2 were used for 1 month.


Heater, glass lid, and box of misc. items.


A 100g per day ro/di unit (will need new filters soon)


All for $350


The catch: This tank has not been well maintained due to my personal life and work. There is some nuisance algae and alot of nuisance flatworms in the tank. Both fish and shrimp are healthy and so is the clam and corals (for the most part) some of the zoas and and the small frogspawn I forgot to mention above are a little pissed.





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