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any fish stores in Bend/Redmond


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Check out Garrett's place in Salem if you make it that far, for sure check out Westside over in Hillsboro/Beaverton area, Rosecity, Seahorse, Saltwater Fantaseas, The Nano Reef, Davy Jones's Locker, hmmmmmm, if I'm leaving any out, I'm sure someone will correct me LOL

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thanks. i have been in there before but been a couple years. i just thought there might have been another store or two in the bend area but i guess not. i will definatly stop in as we will pass right by it going in and out. they still in the same location across from albertsons?


I've been to "Oasis"' date=' it's a very nice store well worth going to![/quote']
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Well I have a sad follow up that I wish I didn't have.


"Fishoutofwater" did come to my house 3 weeks ago to purchase some corals I was selling. He PM'd me (kept them all) for days to make sure he could get his stuff.

He picked out everything he wanted and we bagged it up but he shorted me when he paid. It could have been an innocent mistake if things were made right BUT...


I PM'd him within 5 mins of him leaving to tell him he hadn't paid the right amount for what he took. He responded the next day and said he felt bad and would send me the money right away - in other words - he knew he made a mistake and didn't pay me for everything he took.



It was a pleasure meeting you too today. I am sorry for the mess up. I forgot to count the zoas. I will get the cash to you asap. All is ok.



That was almost a month ago and I've PM'd him three times since and OH would you ever guess....all of a sudden he doesn't respond, not one time! When he was making plans to get the stuff he responded right away numerous times - now he knows he owes me money he hasn't responded one time. I've never done a dishonest thing in my life and won't so although what he owes me is only $10...it's dishonest - to me he stole my livestock because he admitted on a PM that he shorted me and owed me the money. He's aware he owes me money and he's not paying. I even threw in a free $90 St. Thomas because it wasn't dong well. I don't know if it made it but if it did he got a really sweet "extra" just as a kindness from one reefer to another.


I'm posting because he's had more than enough time to do the right thing and I think I should give feedback to people so they don't get hurt by Robert.

I've given him plenty of time to respond and am saddened to have to post this.

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