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corals, sale or trade?


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Hey all. I'm doing some pruning.

-pink tips w/ brown polyps montipora digitata, approx 2x2 inches and other sizes, 15-20 dollars or trade?

-ora blue polyp digitata, 2 inch frags, 1 inchers, maybe one larger, 15-20 bucks or trade?

-I also have some acropora, 2-3inch green sp?, a blue staghorn i could frag, and a couple others.


come on over, my tanks are full, always looking for colorful montipora, acropora, ricordea and?

Happy Holidays!



I could post some pics but im slooowwww. let me know

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Go and buy from him!


He's got amazing stuff!


Josh, can I "pre-order" a little piece of that one monti cap and maybe a bit of the pocillopora in your frag tank, and the pink stylophora, if you are willing to frag that?

I should have a little money the first week of January! :)

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