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2007 Camaro? Could it be true?


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OK, I'm getting chills seeing the pictures! I had one back in high school and ended up selling to cover the ex-wife's VISA at the time. I was miffed that Chevy stopped production of a legend a few years ago when looking for a new car. I want one again...guess I better start saving now!

My '67 dream will have to wait if the new style comes true.


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I kick myself all the time for passing up an old 69 15 years back. Bought a restored 72 Pontiac Ventura with racing stripes instead that ended up costing me more in the long run to fix than it would have to restore the Camaro. Sometimes you shouldn't listen to your dad, even when you're older!

I had an '82 midnight blue Z28 I bought in high school and all the kids thought I was a spoiled brat for having one of the nicest cars in school....hardly the case! I worked my A$$ off at $3.35 an hour washing dishes, then as a cook for over 40 hours/week during school and sometimes 7 days/week in the summer. 2 double shifts on the weekends, etc. etc.. Took a small loan to be able to get the rest for the newer style since I liked it better than the '76 I passed on...parents didn't give me a dime, just the encouragement.

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my foolish dad sold his 69 rs/ss and just sold his all original '79 firebird for $24k LOL insane what people pay.


My Dad just bought the mint '72 corvette hes always wanted. (nutty) Yeah...the price he paid was insane to me.....id rather of picked up a sweet used porsche substance of some kind if it were me with that much extra cash to burn on a sportscar..........


but he's happy and the car is pretty SWEET!!!!! It was the last year the stingray had the chrome bumpers


I DID total a 79 pontiac formula when i was 17 though if thats worth anything :D










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