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80 gl bowfront with everything please read


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well i am thinking of selling of my complete 80 gallon setup because i don't have the time for it. plus the girlfriend thinks it takes up to much space. so i am thinking of getting one of those all in one nano tanks. everything here is no more than 3 months old. i have over 3500 invested with livestock. this setup is in almost perfect condition. i am looking to get 1800 obo. pickup only.this is what i have


80 galloon rr bowfront with with side overflow (back painted black) (great condition)

matching hood and stand (also black) (i paid 1200 for the tank, stand, and canopy)

sump w/refuge (aprox. 30 gallons)

mag 9.5 return pump

octopus skimmer

3 heaters (different watts and makes)

aprox 100 pounds of live rock

aprox 90 pounds of sand

2x250 pfo mh balist

2x250 mh xm 15k's



2 black and white percs (awesome pair) (apox 2.5 inches)

1 purple fire fish

1 purple tang

1 blue line tang

1 kole tang (all 3 tangs are 3.5-4 inches)


again all this stuff is in great condition. i would consider a partial trade if you have a nano (29 gallon) with all the goodies. for now, this will be a complete deal. i might break it up down the road, but not now. i live in southern oregon. i will get some pics up if anybody is interested. again the price is not firm, but i am not going to lose my butt on this either. thanks

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You know what we are going to get right guys? We are going to get a tank with a bikini on... Oh thats most of us others that confuse our GF and reef tanks.


May want to consider seperating, just thinking, I have never seen a 80 bow sell for that much, but its worth it, for sure. Good luck, I would wait till after xmas for serious offers, so don't cave in just yet.

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yeh, like i said, i am not going to cut my throat on it. i figure 1500 or so is not that bad. heck, i have almost 500.00 dollars in live rock. plus 600 dollars in 2 month old mh setup. but we will see. i just want one of those aquapod 24 gallon all in one nano tanks. any serious offers. cash always talks.

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well i just got offered a great deal on that nano tank i was talking about that i wanted. i will take 1300 firm for everything i mentioned above minus the fish. please pm me with any serious offers. again, this stuff is only 3 months old and in perfect condition.thanks

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here are some pics. i will take 1200, and i am firm with that, remember this is a turn key setup. the tank, hood and stand were 1200. so you basicaly get 600 dollar mh's, 500 dollar in live rock, 250 dollar sump/refuge, 150 dollar skimmer, 125 wave maker set up with 3 mj1200. plus more for free. anyways thanks for the look.









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