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fire shrimp


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I wanted to get a fire(blood) shrimp but i read in my invert. handbook ( by scott michael) that they will eat zoo's and soft corals. Everywere I have looked that is selling them online don't mention anything but that they are reef safe.Anyone had any bad experiances with them and do they get along with reg. cleaners.

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I too have cleaners, fire and peppermint shrimps all together in my tank. They get along fine, they even hang out together on the same rock. I have alot of softies and I havent seen them pick on any of them. I make sure I feed them sinking pellets so they dont get too hungry to go and make a snack out of something I wouldnt want them to.


I love all my shrimps, I love how they take care of my fish when they want to be cleaned.



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