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Help with octopus skimmer?


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Alright, I finally got my skimmer hooked up... it is an octopus recirc 200, but I am gravity feeding it...now my questions are...


1- is there a so called "Break-in" period, where it had to run for a while until it really starts producing bubbles up to the cup?

2-in order for me to even get the bubbles to the bottom of riser tube from the skimmer, I have to really close the ball valve (on the exit tube), it is about have way closed, is this normal?


Please let me know if you can offer any help?


The reason I ask is because my last skimmer, was a css65, and it just had a pump to feed it and it did not have to be adjusted at all, it as wide open and it did lots of skimming.


Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this.

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Guest Mbeef61

yeah should be fine...its all based on whats coming in to the skimmer....im pump feeding my huge skimmer i got but its only about 200 gallon be hour so i had to close the valve about half way too...its been 2 days and is skimming already...i have heard the breakin could be as much as a week but i think thats on weak skimmers....you should be some good results in a couple days.

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