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Whats this on my clown?


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I noticed tonight that my clown has an odd white dot protruding near her mouth. It makes her jaw stick out some, not sure what it is. I have never had ick with either of these fish, but thats sort of what it looks like to me. That or she hit her jaw somewhere. Its hard to get a pic of









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It looks like a little bit of fungus, but I certainly am just guessing. It doesnt look bad, maybe it will just go away on its on.


Nice pair of clowns you got there. Im getting better lights for my little tank so I can get my husband an anemonie and clown for Christmas. (really it is for him) In my big tank I have a frogspawn, might get a clown and hope it will host it.


I hope whatever your clown has it goes away on its own soon.



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Yah its very odd. Initially i thought it was ich. At this point its just a swollen bumb. She eats fine, chases the male still, and loves to lay on the froggies. I'm just waiting it out, i think things will be ok. I think she bumped a shell or something when she was moving sand from around the base of the frogspawn.



Thanks for the compliments! I'd love to see pics of your when you get them!

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