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Reef Food


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I remember having alot of questions about food when I was new to the hobby so I hope this helps someone. :)


I've collected quite a few different types of food over the past few years and and the one thing that really stands out is.... "There is no single magic food". A reef is a very diverse place and requires a very diverse food supply.


Lets start off w/ Frozen foods.

Unless you are doing a huge order it makes alot of sense to buy your frozen food from a local retailer. The overnight frieght could end up costing you more than the food.


Brine Shrimp - $2-5

-I have heard that they don't contain much nutrients but the fish seem to love them. You can find baby brine and adult brine so make sure and check the package.

-One easy way to feed this food is to cut the end of the package and wave the edge of the frozen food in the water. Do it quick as they melt and come out fast.



Silversides - $9

-This is a frozen pack of little silver fish. I use them to feed my anemone.

-To feed my BTA I chop one of the fish in half and soak it in Selcon(see below) for 10 min. Once the Selcon has soakin in for a bit I drop it onto the anemone.




DT's Oyster Eggs - $8-12

-I use these primarily to feed my clams.

-You take a very small amount of the frozen material and drop it into the tank. My clams perk up within a minute of the food going into the water.



Mysis Shrimp - $7-10

-I usualy mix in a chunk of this when making a batch of food for the tank.



Frozen cubes - $5-15

-You can find this type of food in many brands and many flavors.

-Depending on the size of your tank you might only need 1/2 a cube per feeding. I use 1 cube in my 330g. I let the cube sit in a small tuperware container with a little tank water until it gets soft. I use scissors to cut the cube into smaller chunks. I also put a squirt of Selcon and a pinch of flake to the mixture. After everything is mixed (5 min) I feed to the tank.



Flake Foods

Ocean Nutrition - $3-15 depending on size

-They seem to make a nice variety of food at a good price.

-They have nice labels that explain in plain english what that specific food is



Cyclop-Eeze Wafers/Flake - $8-20

-This stuff may be a little more expensive but you will realize why when you first open the container. It STINKS like freshly chopped up fish but I think thats why the tank loves it so much. Some of my smaller fish seem to have a hard time eating it since its much thicker than regular flake.




-The pellet food seems to be hit and miss with my fish.

-Depending on the type of food the pellets will either float on the surface or sink right to the bottom. I use the sinkers to feed my starfish and other sand dwellers. I've stopped using the floating pellets since my fish don't seem to grab them before they get sucked into the overflow.




-Some people buy the Nori brand which you can find at some grocery stores.

-This is a good snack for tangs and other fish that like to graze.

-Most people use a clip and attach it to the side of the tank.

-I like to mix it up every now and then and attach a piece to a small rock and drop it in the tank.

-Beware of your snails when feeding seaweed. They love it more than your fish and will eat it all very quickly. I ended up hanging the clip from a return line on my last tank.


The clip in action.



ESV Freeze dried Phytoplankton - $10? (can't remember)

-I use this at night to feed the corals.

-Its a very find powder and you only use one little scoop per 20 gallons.




-Garlic is used attract the fish to the food and will help some timid fish to eat.

-It is also said to boost the immune system.

-Soak your food in a drop or two of garlic. It doesn't take much.

-I usually only use garlic when I notice the fish aren't feeling as good as they should be.



Selcon - $8 - 12

-This is an additive that adds extra nutrition to your food.

-You can also use it directly in the water to feed your filter feeders.

-A couple times a week I will add a squirt to the fish food and let it soak for a few minutes.

-If you raise live brine shrimp you can feed the brine selcon right before you harvest to make them more nutritious.



Mixing container and feeding tools

-I use small tuperware containers to mix each batch of food.

-They are great for tank sitters. I just leave a stack of containers next to each tank and they dump one in each day. It takes all the guess work out of it and everyone knows how to rinse out a bowl. ;)

-I use the tongs to grab the flake food. It seems to be easier to grab the same amount and it keeps your fingers from smelling like fish.

-The scissors are used for cutting up frozen food.




FishKeeper Food - $6-15

-This can be found at most grocery stores.



I hope this helps!



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I buy the frozen, raw shrimp when it's onsale at the market, people food, 2 pound bag about 9 bucks. I thaw and deshell. Usually just break it up with fingers. Feed every thing withit. I love to watch the fish rip it apart. Oh yea GREAT job on thread!!!!

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Similar, I buy raw regular shrimp and clams, mix in with emerald entree, cyclopeeze (frozen), coral food, Mysis, plankton, and some other combos of shrimp. put in blender, add 4-5 droppers of selcon. It will be dry so I add some fresh phytoplankton from my batches to get some liquid in there. This makes enough food for 6 weeks or so. I also feed live phytoplankton every 3 days and live baby brine shrimp weekly, some will make it into the fuge and grow pretty big, then they usually make it into the main tank and get divoured, not that it has much nutrition.

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