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So i decided to start selling stuff off to afford a new ballast, so im just going to be putting everything into one post instead of starting yet another thread.


Mag 9.5 - $40 OBO Slightly used .. dont have the box or attatchments i dont think cuz always figured I'd run a CL.. have changed my mind. but i'll look in the morning for the box and attachments. And one of my seios went out so i need to go buy another pump tomorrow. hardly used this one, in great shape.


Icecap 660 - $100 OBO wiring harness, 4 sets of endcaps.. production date on the Icecap: 02/00


ballast was bought in 2002 from my wifes girlfriend who had bought it new, it came with the tank we bought from her at the time. Fixture was put in the garage, was never fired again. I had gone with a PFO ballast over the icecap. I was going through some stuff in the garage a few months ago and found it in an old box of fish stuff from the original SW tank we set up years ago.


It also comes with wiring harness and 4 sets of endcaps (8 total endcaps). The harness looks like a DIY and the endcaps are unrecognizable to me. Look like some standard gray VHO endcaps.


(2) Coralvue Reeflux 250w 10k bulbs - $60 OBO One bulb is brand new, the other bulb has 100 hours exactly on it. Didnt like the color from the ballast bulb combo, and burn in did no good either.


DIY Skimmer - $20 OBO DIY skimmer. Real simple no frills. The top does come with it, its just not in the pic. No pump.



Skunk2 Front Camber kit *NIB* - $100 OBO Brand new still in box. Made for '94-2001 Acura Integra and Honda Civic '92-'95 or Del Sol '92-'95


600w SLS HPS ballast and power cord - $300 OBO Retails for about $550 new Used HPS ballast.

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