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Lucky for now.......


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Well some of you have seen my setup and know that I have a skimmer box to hold my skimmer. This sits behind my tank and holds the skimmer, heater, and a powerhead, (pretty packed box).


Anyways I wake up this morning to see that my,(5"+/-), rabbitfish isn't in the tank. Can't find him anywhere. So I go to look behind the tank, of course thinking the worse. thinking I'm going to find fish jerky.


But to my suprise he/she is in the skimmer box!! Gray as all get out and pissed!!! But he is know back in the tank and appears OK but I won't be sure for a day or two. Don't know how he made it out of a 2' gap to get out of the tank and then was lucky enough to fall off in the right spot to land in the skimmer box.



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I had a six-line wrasse jump last week.


Why do they jump? DOH!





i dont know.....my six line that is currently in my 225 i have had for a year and a half..the first 6 months in glass open topped tanks.....he has never jumped........i hear that they are very known for jumping though


The two that jumped last week were a yellow coris and a carpenters when I was out of town for thanksgiving...........i think they missed me. : )


i guess it wasnt EXACTLY last week...but close enough ; )

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