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garage sale !!!! MUST SEE


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ive got a xxt team losi profectional RC rally truck it comes with 3 shells and a upgraded motor. its electric and comes with remote i bought it for 350 2 years ago im asking 150 OBO its like new awesome.


also have a 13" tv brand new RCA got it for 89 selling it for 50 OBO still in box and 1 month old cant return it to the store my aunt bought it from in CA that not in OR.


ALSO have a 55 gal with stand sell it really cheap or for sps frags or freakin anything give me a price.


kenwood 12" sub and enclosure and 4 channel amp 5 months old just bought phoenix gold upgrade ill sell it for 200 OBO or seprate or sps frags lol.


verizon PDA phone 1 year old upgraded hangspring brand.


xbox and remote 1 year old upgraded to xbox 360 100 OBO.

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the tank is perfect i bought the tank from another employee i work the tank is fine i had a fish only in it for 6 months then got a 40 instead the tanks trim is wood and the stand is black i know wierd but you can paint the tank if need be. the tank says it was made in 1996 but he bought it in 2000 from a lfs in idaho and then moved to OR then had it til 2004 then i bought it and now its in my garage.

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update on xbox it has all cords and does have dvd remote for playback also i can throw in some games because the xbox 360 isnt compadable with the old ones go figure. and i may have another controller too other then the one it comes with.


also on the RC truck its a xxt with the graphite addition so its the nice one that most dont have.


and for the 13" tv for the love of god someone please buy this its dirt cheap and its new in box 1 month old.


and for the sub and amp its OBO for please give me a pm ill go cheap on it if i have too.


the 55 gal with stand anyone i want it gone so give me a offer.


also the PDA phone tello me what you want for it ill ask the wife it thats fine its her phone after all.


cheap cheap cheap im soo crazy im practicly giving it away so some come take advantage of me lol.

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