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Large aggressive corals anyone??

fly guy

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Actually, the hydnophora isnt all that aggressive. Just dont let anything fall into it or they will die. I have never seen this one reach out to touch anythig but it has killed more than a couple fo corals that have fallen on it or vice versa. I actually have no idea what this thing is worth......i would guess $150 based on ones i found online 1/3 its size. This one pictured is 7x6x10" roughly.


$80 takes it


The next one IS agressive. The skeleton alone on this galaxea is a little bigger than a softball. It is awesome to watch sway in the current, but it needs its space OR what i have done is raise it above everything on a pedistal........it cant reach below itself with current on it. You can also put it on the edge of your rockwork with a rock wall next to it protecting your other corals Market value is 'prolly $60


$35 for it


I can deliver or meet if in portland area ...i will be coming over the hill in the next coupla weeks.









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