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Bunch O shrooms, polyps and zoas

fly guy

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EVERY mushroom and button polyp you see pictured is whats for sale......NOT counting any ricordia that may be randomly pictured. I am getting rid of all of them from my 225. I assure you when i go to get them out i will find another 50+various shrooms i dont count below that ALL will be included


I will make a guesstimation of number and description with each picture......if anything the numbers i say will be on the low side....


$250 shipped for all. Not willing to split up. I want them all gone at once. Some will come on rocks and some i will cut off of rocks. When i do so i will try to get some rock underneath so they are easy for you to glue where you want them




green hairy shrooms 15-20 medium sized on this rock with the rock(these are different than any of the BRIGHT green ones listed below$25 for all



a dozen of these green striped ones in the middle(as well as the ones next to them...didnt have any other pics that showed the green stripes-$25



25 bright red shrooms small to medium/large sized $50 for all , 10- 3-5" BRIGHT green hairy shrooms-2 fer $10(only half of them pictured here), 8 medium to large pink hairy shrooms$25, 5 really large green and purple hairy shrooms $30, 10 super bright green discus shrooms$25......not all are pictured here...but all are represented somewhere in the following two pictures






30+ of these.......not all pictured obviously-$30




this colony of brown with orange center zoas.....there is just as many on the backside of the rock......there are several hundred+ total--$50


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