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Just some pics


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I'm trying to figure out my Nikon D70 still (even though I've had it forever).. I can't find my manual. (flame)


These are some pics from this morning. The PPEs I've had since I first set up the tank. I got the poker star and yellows yesterday via online order. (clap)

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We had to completely drain it, remove all the sands, clean the rocks, and start all over about 3 wks ago (Pat/SaltwaterFanta-seas was here), so we started fresh at that point. The phosphates had killed most of the corals and the algae snuffed out the coralline. (sad) So it looks like a brand-new tank again, unfortunately... (Phosphates today were still barely trace! YAY)


(The zoo on the bottom middle of the "tankleft" picture also just arrived via FedEx yesterday afternoon, so it's only half open thus far.)


Anyway, enough disclaimers.. Here it is =) :D

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Nice pics, i need a new cam and was looking at that Nikon. How do you like it? That pic from the side of the tank is sweet, i love all the room you have in that tank.


Stacy is right those aren't PPE, but a nice morph none the less!!! These are the real ones, when they grow out a little maybe we can trade frags ;)



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Thanks for the sites for the D70 and Thom Hogan. I googled all morning yesterday and couldn't find the manual, for some reason. I've saved both in my favs since it'd prob take a ream of paper and whole toner cartridge to print it all out.


And thanks for all the nice words.. (shy) I'm new but love it!


Impur - those are beautiful. They look like sunflowers.


Unrelated to topic: What do you think of this car insignia? I'm thinking of getting one for the truck. Someone needs to make one that has a square around it (like a tank) and says REEF in the center...

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