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Anybody put a fuge on top?


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I think that's the ideal place for a 'fuge. That way all the critters can go with the flow directly into the display tank, totally unimpeded by the return pump. It's going to be a little top heavy, you might have to secure it to the wall or attach it to the side of your tand stand to stop it from swaying.

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you should look into a CPR HOB Aquafuge


http://www.cpraquatic.com/products/aquafuge.html you can also check E-bay for knockoffs for much cheaper. I"m going to build one of these in the next few weeks


I was thinking of doing one of these too. I want to see if i really need a fuge first though. They seem like the best way to add a fuge to your tank without the plumbing hassel.

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