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Pump plumbing question


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I have a closed loop pump, Dart, that is currently plumbed over the side of my tank(not drilled) going down to the pump as shown.



THe lower pic shows how I would like to plumb it to make room for a 40g fuge. Will it cause problems to suck water up 18 inches instead of the suction side of the pump coming over the edge of the tank? I dont want to damage the pump.



Any other ideas? I cant put it in my sump area...no room. I cant put it behind the tank.

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Dan you can do that but you will have a hell of a time keeping it primed. You will need to have some extra ball valves and a spot to pour in water to prime it to get it started. Other than that I dont think it will hurt the pump, just be sure it always has water.


Youd want to remember to shut off the ball valves before doing water changes etc so you dont lose your syphon when the power is out and have to reprime.

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ooooh didnt think about keeping it primed. That could be more trouble than its worth.


The whole point in doing this project is that the pump is sitting on a "stand" where I could put a fuge.


I suppose I could build a stand for the pump above the fuge, but that would be a pretty big project.

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